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So my boss, Jim and I have decided to become partners in my candle… - My So Called Journal.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 19th, 2005|12:17 am]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |JC Chasez - Blowin Me Up With Her Love]

So my boss, Jim and I have decided to become partners in my candle business. I'm suppose to talk to him tomorrow about how to run the business and how much money he might put towards the business. I'm hoping for three or four hundred dollars. That would be wonderful. I'd have to be in a garage in my apartment complex so that I can go there in the middle of the night, without waking Jim. I hate the fact that my candle business is getting bigger and I'm selling more when I have to workout to keep in shape to start working at Wild Waves in May. Then once I start working I will have no time. I'll be working 30 hours at Wild Waves a week, and probably 10 hours traveling there and back. And I'll be spending probably 20 hours a week making candles. Not to mention the fact that I'd be selling my candles on Saturday and Sunday, 8am to 5pm. I also want to up my social contact, but I don't know about that one. I can't wait for the summer to be over me to go to Bartending College and start being a bartender. That way I only work nights, probably from 9pm to4am. That way I will have more time to do other things, and hopefully my candle making business will pick up.